Flow of On-the-air Data Distribution

What is On-the-air Data Distribution?

On The Air Data Distribution enables you locally distribute shape data. By behaving as a server temporarily, this app enables you to locally distribute shape data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

In order to identify the server, we use what is called " Lesson No. " , which is a number like TV channels.

What is required to use the functionality.

In the case of using Wi-Fi netowrk, the client devices can receive data if they are connected to the same network as that of the server device.

In the case of bluetooth, no specific network configuration are required (such as divice registrations). However both device have to be close enough to communicate with each other.

The Flow of Distributing

[Server Side]

First of all, the server side user goes to the Menu Screen.
Make sure that he/she select a shape using the Shape Tool in the main operating screen.

Tapping the [Start Server] button, the dialog is displayed.
And he/she decide the Lesson No. to input with his/her name.
The Lesson No. is a key to identify the server device.

After the dialog has closed, an blank list will appear over the screen. The names of participants will be displayed in this list.

You can close the list screen, and the app continues to distribute the data until you tap the [Stop Server] button.

After close the list screen with keeping distributing, if you change the shape to another, the distributed data is also renewaled to that of the newer one.
Besides, if you switch displaying edges' length, which is reflected in the data.

However, these change aren't reflected in the clients side. In other words, the server and clients are not syncronized.
Clients can download again in therselves.

[Client Side]

While the client side user is at the Shape Selecting screen.
And he/she taps the [Connect] button. He/She has to input the same Lesson No. to start communicating with that server device.

This app start to find the server device for at most 25 secounds.

If this app is successfully connect to the server, it downloads data to display it.